Snow Peak -outdoor lifestyle creator

For those of you that are not aware of the brand, Snow Peak produces and sells premium outdoor and outdoor lifestyle products. The company was founded in 1958 by mountaineer Yukio Yamai.  Dissatisfied with existing equipment, Yamai started the company to create superior outdoor gear. Snow Peak opened this Portland store in 2013 “…to connect American consumers to products beyond Snow Peak’s well-known titanium cups…” (D.K.Row The Oregonian 3/29/2013)

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Just one of the reasons they are so successful

Version 2

Apple has wonderful stores and great product and many companies share these traits.  What sets them apart from many is their service.

January 2nd.  5 minutes before opening. 28 degrees. 25 mph wind. While the rest of the staff is being briefed on the day, two Apple employees are out in front of the store already serving the growing crowd.

That is service.