A San Francisco Classic in Oakland

Heading to the BART Station today and I happened upon the former I. Magnin location in Oakland. I. Magnin was a high-end department store that was founded in 1876 and at one time ran locations in six high-end hotels throughout California.  This Oakland location opened in 1931 and was noted for its distinct terra-cotta exterior. After a series of mergers and acquisitions, it closed in 1995.

Could you at least try?

I recently completed my relocation to the Bay area and was excited to see both a used and a new bookstore in my neighborhood.  Today, I got off work early, so I headed out to check my new bookstores.

The first was a used bookstore with high quality hardcovers, mostly pre-1960.  The owners were welcoming and friendly. I bought a number of books there.)  I will write about them in a future post.

The second was bookstore featuring mostly new books.  I spotted Sam Shepard’s  bio and a local walking map, picking them up I headed to the cashier.  The cashier greeting me and scanned the books.  Then she asked, “Are you a member of our readers club?”

Interested, I replied,”No, I am new to the neighborhood.”

What I expected was her to launch into a pitch for the readers club to which I would have dutifully signed up.  Her response was to say “Oh” and had me my change.  I walked away confused.

Could she at least tried to promote the readers club.  All to often retailers miss the easy marks.