The Odd Question

“Did anyone help you with the vest?”

The question was met with a confused look from the customer. So the cashier did what many Americans do when they are met with an uncomfortable silence, he repeated the question again but slower as if to encourage comprehension. “Did   anyone   help  you  with   the   vest   today?” Looking around to see if there was someone else the cashier may have been talking to and continuing to look confused, the customer finally offered “No, I don’t think so.”

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A new blog?

Does the world need another blog? The world probably does not. After all as I sit to write this post, worldometers reports that over 2.4 million posts have been written today alone.

While the world does not need another blog, I think that the portion of the world living in the United States and working in retail might benefit from another blog; one that focuses on retail customer service.

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