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“The Observant Customer”? That may seem like an odd name for a blog. While the name seems odd, it is nonetheless descriptive.

My intent is to draw attention to retail customer service of today. Retail is constantly evolving and growing more complex. Along with the core skills of retail service, sales specialists have to deal with ever broadening assortments, quicker product cycles, customers with vast amount of product information, and omni-channel options all while operating under ever tightening payroll constraints. I understand these challenges but I also understand how little it can take to improve customer service. That is my intent with this blog.

This blog will be a series of observations, comments and recommendations on serving customers and retailing.

I hope to act as an observer, that observant customer that watches what is happening to them and to other customers. The observant customer that also sees how your merchandising, store design and processes either enhance or detract from their shopping and buying experience.

You can also follow us on Twitter: @observantcust

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