Respect the product, respect the customer

Version 2

I stopped by an area department store the other day to make a purchase.  What I bought does not matter since this post is not about me but rather about the two customers  in front of me at the checkout counter.  I found an interesting contrast between their two service experiences.


After making my selections, I wandered to the cash wrap and got in line with my fellow customers.  (This particular department store is one that uses a centralized cash wrap in each area off the store.)  Two cashiers were ringing up people’s purchases and, between the two of them, they were making short work of the people waiting in line.

The two customers in front of me in line wore professional clothing and each were purchasing a blouse and a pair of pants (on hangers).  They were called up to the registers at the same time, so I took the opportunity to observe the two cashiers work head to head.  The cashier on the right was professionally dressed and had a warm, friendly and professional demeanor; let’s call her Right.  The cashier on the left was casually attired and was terse with customers; let’s call her Left. (It was just a coincidence that correct cashier happened to be on the right.)

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