In retail history

by John Delano from Wikimedia Commons

by John Delano from Wikimedia Commons

February 2nd, 1893, Sears, Roebuck & Co. open their first store in the Merchandising Building in Chicago, Il. This gave the young company its first brick & mortar store after seven years in business.  Along with an expanding assortment of general merchandise, the store includes an optical shop and a soda fountain.

A simple smile

Version 2

A store marquis caught my eye as I walked through my local mall last week. The marquis belongs to a small jewelry store chain here in the Pacific Northwest and this particular chain of stores holds a special place in my heart.

Six years ago, I found these stores while hunting for a replacement wedding ring after misplacing my expensive first one. Fortunately for me, they happen to stock a nice choice of reasonably priced silver wedding bands so I could fulfill my commitment to my wife to wear a ring. The store was easy to shop and the staff had been friendly and helpful so I bought my replacement wedding band there and have managed to hang onto it ever since. But I digress.

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