A simple smile

Version 2

A store marquis caught my eye as I walked through my local mall last week. The marquis belongs to a small jewelry store chain here in the Pacific Northwest and this particular chain of stores holds a special place in my heart.

Six years ago, I found these stores while hunting for a replacement wedding ring after misplacing my expensive first one. Fortunately for me, they happen to stock a nice choice of reasonably priced silver wedding bands so I could fulfill my commitment to my wife to wear a ring. The store was easy to shop and the staff had been friendly and helpful so I bought my replacement wedding band there and have managed to hang onto it ever since. But I digress.

Many fond memories of my ring purchase came to mind as I passed the store and I found myself staring in the windows as I strolled by. It was then that a store employee caught my eye or rather I caught her eye. I was suddenly hit with a bit of voyeuristic guilt for staring through the window and probably looked a bit embarrassed. Unfazed, the sales woman simply nodded and gave me a warm smile. And I did the same to her.

She did not need to smile at me. She was not going to make any money from me. She could have ignored me or acted like she did not see me. Instead, she chose to acknowledge me with a friendly smile and a nod.

I continued off to my destination feeling even more fond of this chain of stores knowing I will return if I ever need another replacement ring.


Teachable Moment

Do you smile when you are in your store? Is your store staff smiling? Is your store a place where people enjoy working?

Bob Phipps writes that store staffs should not me made to smile. His thoughts are that a disingenuous smile does more harm than good. While I agree that no one should be made to smile, as a salesperson you know that smiling when right makes it easier to engage customers, helps with the sales process and makes customer interactions far more pleasant. As a retail manager, one should not order people to smile but rather should create a work environment that is conducive to smiling and to model the behavior yourself.

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