Am I invisible?


Or are you just ignoring me?

Running some errands on a recent weekday afternoon, I stopped at the Washington Square Mall in Beaverton, Oregon.  I wasn’t shopping for anything specific, I just hadn’t spent much tome in retail spaces as of late.  While in the back of my mind, I was mulling over what I would pack for an upcoming visit to Europe so I was inclined to buy if  a store made me feel welcome and they offered the right product.

My first stop was Dick’s Sporting Goods where I actively shopped in the Golf, Camping, Activewear and Footwear departments along with a deep dive in the clearance racks.  I was never greeted, engaged or even acknowledged by any store staff members.

Macy’s was the next stop where I spent some time checking out men’s clothing and footwear.  Again, nary a nod or a smile from a Macy’s staff member.

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