Parade rest at Finn’s Camera

Olympus OM-1 Image 2012 Olympus Corporation

Olympus OM-1
Image 2012 Olympus Corporation

Yes, I was in my high school photography club.  Of course, this was back when being a photographer meant using film cameras and processing and enlarging their own prints.  Early on in high school I recognized the power of the camera.  The power was not so much in the camera’s ability to record a moment in time but rather in its ability to get me out of class and serve as a universal hall pass under the guise of “getting pictures for the yearbook.” I successfully used this ruse for four full years.

I was introduced to the photo club by Steve D, a class mate that I met at new student orientation. He was already an avid photographer and had recently become a member of the photo club.  More importantly, he was the one that taught me about the power of the camera.  With Steve’s guidance, I was soon in the good graces of the faculty advisor for the photo club which gave me access to the school’s aging Rolleicord TLRs and Asahi cameras and the photo darkroom during my study hall.

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