Selective deafness

Polish_Army_Parade_2015_(21023591328)I stopped by a local shop the other day.  I was in a hurry and just needed to pick up one thing.  Grabbing the item, I headed to the registers.

Along the way, I overheard a customer talking with a salesperson.

“It’s as if you didn’t hear anything that I’ve said!”

That is a phrase you never want to hear a customer say and I know that interaction had gone badly. I only wish that I hadn’t been in such a rush or I would have stopped to observe more.  I moved on to the registers and was quickly out the door.  As I was getting on my bicycle, I looked up to see the customer getting in his car and driving away; empty-handed.

Would you like some soap to go with your artwork?

Version 2

I was walking by one of my favorite local shops, Boys Fort, just before Christmas when an art print in the window caught my eye. It proclaimed, “Only a poor craftsman blames his tools.” I thought that this would be a perfect housewarming gift for my upcoming visit to my brother, a weekend craftsman.

Heading into the store, I quickly found the print I saw in the window. My immediate needs being met, I now had the chance to browse the store at my leisure. After wandering the floor for a few minutes and examining some interesting items, I eventually ended up standing in front of a display of locally produced soaps.

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No thanks, I am just buying

Version 2I was on the road for the company I worked for at the time and after several flight delays had finally landed in Atlanta. If all went well, I had just enough time to get to my appointment with the Atlanta store manager.

As I was stepping off the plane, I hit my arm against a cabinet near the plane’s doorway popping my watch off my wrist. The watch skidded across the floor and fell neatly between the plane and the gangway twenty feet to the tarmac below. In the post 9-11 era, I did not feel it would be worth the time and effort to try to get the inexpensive watch back.

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