A little thing


Food Fuel

While on a bicycle ride last weekend, my wife and I stopped at a gas station for a quick snack.  The station is one of those “food and fuel” places where you can get your car gassed up and grab a soda or a loaf of bread.  This one in particular happens to be our favorite rest stop; strategically located on the route with a great selection of food and drinks.  Also important to us, there is a shaded table in front of the store where we can sit, enjoy our treats and keep an eye on our bikes.

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Version 2

(This is not a rant, well, not a bad rant anyway.”)

I have yet to meet a car owner that does not dread receiving a letter with “Department of Motor Vehicles” as the return address. Just the thought of license renewals, surly government employees, emission checks, waiting for numbers to be called and getting your mug shot, sorry, license photo taken strikes fear in the hearts of many. It was with trepidation that I opened the envelope informing me that one of the cars needed its registration renewed.

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