A little thing


Food Fuel

While on a bicycle ride last weekend, my wife and I stopped at a gas station for a quick snack.  The station is one of those “food and fuel” places where you can get your car gassed up and grab a soda or a loaf of bread.  This one in particular happens to be our favorite rest stop; strategically located on the route with a great selection of food and drinks.  Also important to us, there is a shaded table in front of the store where we can sit, enjoy our treats and keep an eye on our bikes.

As my wife took a seat and I dug my wallet from my seat pack, the gas station attendant offered us a friendly hello as he headed into the store.  (Note: We have attendants at our stations since Oregon is one of the last states that does not allow self-service gas.)  Heading inside, I quickly grabbed a couple of sandwiches, some chips, a candy bar and two sodas then headed to the cashier to pay.

As the cashier finished ringing me up, she asked, “Would you like a bag?”

“No thanks,” I replied.

“Are you sure? You have quite a pile of stuff.”

“That’s okay.  I am only going 20 feet.”

As we were having our bag discussion, the attendant happened by on his way back out to the pumps.  Stopping, he simply offered,”Here I’ll give you a hand.  I am going that way” as he grabbed the sodas and chips and headed back out the door towards the table where my wife waited. Before I had a chance to thank him, he had deposited the food on the table and jogged off to attend to a customer waiting at the pump.


Just another example of an employee doing a simple thing to enhance service without even thinking about it. There are several food and fuels at that intersection and more along our bike routes but this one will continue to get our business.

Are your employees doing the simple things to enhance service?  More importantly, are they doing these simple things without being asked or making a big deal about it?

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