One has to wonder?


Returning from a backpacking trip last weekend, I stopped in at a Dairy Queen restaurant for a quick lunch. (You really can’t beat the “5 Buck Lunch.”)

I made a quick trip to the bathroom to wash up before eating and while drying my hands I read this sign on the paper towel dispenser. We have all seen these “Wash your hand” signs but I had never read one carefully.

Two things jumped out to me from the sign.

First, the idea that employees must wash their hands twice.  Shouldn’t one thorough washing do the trick?  And if an employee does not do a good job the first time they wash, what makes public health officials think a second washing will do the job?

Secondly, the last line of the sign states,” A placard containing this section shall be posted in all toilet rooms” of any restaurant, bed & breakfast facility or temporary restaurant.  I do not remember seeing this sign posted in any of the finer restaurants of Portland.