A new blog?

Does the world need another blog? The world probably does not. After all as I sit to write this post, worldometers reports that over 2.4 million posts have been written today alone.

While the world does not need another blog, I think that the portion of the world living in the United States and working in retail might benefit from another blog; one that focuses on retail customer service.

This is not the only blog that focuses on retail customer service. There are a few good ones out there. I have followed Bob Phibb’s The Retail Doctor’s Blog for quite a while and have always found it of great value. Another blog that I have followed and valued for a number of years is Doug Fleener’s Retail Contrarian. I hope as time goes on, you might value The Observant Customer as much as I value their blogs.

Our focus here will be retail customer service from the customer’s, the salesperson’s and the retailer’s points of view (not necessarily at the same time). That is not to say that I will not diverge from time to time on other topics that relate to retail and customer service.

Thanks for reading and I hope you come back from time to time.

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