Great greeting


Stopped by Eddie Bauer the other day to check out their Fall assortment.

As I wandered through the men’s department, the salesperson approached me.

“Hello,” Jordan offered with a smile.

“Hello,” I responded.

“Nice jacket. Who made it?” he queried.


“Montbell?  I guess I did not recognize their logo.  They have a shop in town don’t they?” he continued.

“Yes. It is up by Nordstrom’s.”

“Do you own any other pieces from them?”

“A few. They make nice stuff,” I answered.

“So, what brought you into the store today?”

“I just came in to browse and check out the Fall assortment.”

“Well, just so you know.  As  of this morning, everything is on sale.  My name is Jordan and I’ll check back in a bit,” he finished as he smiled and headed towards another customer.

Teachable Moment

This is a great greeting technique for a number of reasons.

  1. Jordan approached me
  2. He greeted me in a friendly way and with a smile.
  3. He paid me a compliment about my jacket.
  4. Jordan engaged me in a conversation.
  5. He learned a bit about where I shop and how loyal I may be.
  6. He then moved on to offering service.
  7. Jordan introduced himself.
  8. He let me know that everything was on sale which may increase my likelihood to look a bit closer.
  9. He disengaged appropriately.
  10. He also prepared me for checking back later.  (He did check back.)

Well done Jordan.



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