In retail history


On Sept 10th, 1907, the Nieman-Marcus Department Store opens in Dallas Texas.

The opening was a bit of a talent train on competing department stores in Dallas.  Herman Marcus left his job as buyer at Sanger Brothers joining his sister Carrie Marcus Neiman and her husband A.L. Neiman, former employees of A Harris and Co., to open a luxury department store catering to the tastes of oil-rich Texans.

Neiman Marcus enjoyed instant success.  Their initial inventory, purchased by Carrie on a single trip to New York City, completely sold out in a few weeks.  It appeared that the recently rich Texans were starving for goods not normally available in Dallas.

In 1914, a fire destroyed the store and all of its inventory.  17 days later, a temporary store was open and by years end, Neiman Marcus opened a new flagship store. In 1927, Neiman Marcus premiered the first weekly fashion show in the US. The store continues to  operate under its original name and is still headquartered in Dallas.


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