A nice finish

omnitechI stopped at the local Outlet Mall the other day to do some shopping and some observation.  It was a warm and sunny day and may of the stores had their doors open to deal with the heat.

Being a fan of the brand and a citizen of the PNW, I stopped by the Columbia Sportswear Outlet where they had a great sale going on.  I quickly found several items that I was shopping for so I headed to the registers where there were a number of waiting cashiers.

“I can help you right here,” came a greeting from the nearest register.

During the transaction, I noticed that a name tag affixed to his jacket.  I thought it odd with the stores so warm that a cashier would be wearing some outerwear.  So I asked him if he was warm.

“No, actually I am quite comfortable,” he replied as he handed me my change.  I thought that would be the end of our conversation but he continued apparently excited to talk about the jacket. “The jacket is made of Omni-Tech™ which is our own breathable-waterproof material. It is really comfortable,” he said as he carefully folded and bagged my purchases.

Nice finish.

Teachable Moment

So often cashiers are in a hurry to move people through the lanes and out the door.  I have nothing against a quick and efficient cashier.  But many times when there is no need for a rush, customers are still hurried out the door when a bit more service could be added.

In my case, the cashier took the time to offer a bit of information about his companies proprietary product and to reinforce the brand.  Whether he was trained to say that or he developed that himself it was a nice touch to finish off the transaction.

Other things that cashiers can do to add a nice finish to a sale include:

  • Thanking the customer
  • Validating the customer’s selection with a comment
  • Offer some quick care instructions
  • Wishing the customer a nice day or safe travels home
  • Careful bagging of the product

These and many other little things can finish the sale nicely and increase the likelihood of return customers.



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