Great idea, poor execution


I visited the Clackamas Town Center in Happy Valley, OR today.  As I was walking from the parking lot to the mall, I saw something that just did not seem right.

If you have read this blog, you know that I am an avid bicyclist.  I average about 4000 miles a year on my bike and use them for fitness, recreation and commuting.

So as I walked towards the mall doors today, a set of bicycle lockers caught my eye.  These lockers are secure and weather-proof containers where you can park your bike when you visit the mall as a shopper or worker. I am glad to see the mall encourages bicycle use.  Of course, this is Portland and encouraging bike use is expected.

But what was odd about the lockers was how they were placed.  These bicycle lockers have lockers on both sides of the unit.  But in this case, the unit was shoved up against the wall so that only half of the lockers could be used.

IMG_1234  I could not figure out why the mall would go to the trouble of purchasing the lockers but installing them in such a way that only half of the capacity can be used.  There does not seem to be any space constraints.  As you can see in this photo there is plenty of space on the walkway to move the lockers away from the wall so that they can be fully utilized.

Great idea, poor execution.

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