The little things – Making it easy to give

I am not always as philanthropic as I would like, so when someone makes it easy to be generous, I appreciate it.

Case in point, I was out for a drive yesterday in the Columbia Gorge and thought it would be great to grab some food and head out on a trail for a short hike and picnic.  Stopping at a Safeway, I quickly grabbed a few things for lunch then I headed to the cashier.

While the cashier made quick work of my purchase, I entered my Safeway Club card.  After entering the card number, the reader asked if I wanted to make a donation.  I punched “yes.”  The next screen explained the donation would support the local schools and I could give $1,$3 or $5.  I hit $5.

Simple as that, I had made a charitable donation just as the cashier finished ringing up the order.  I handed him $20 and waited for the change.  Turning back, he pointed out where there were additional mustard and mayo packets for my sandwich (a small thing, but a nice touch) and then he thanked me by name for my contribution to the local schools.

Nicely done.

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