In retail history

A view of Bullock's 1909Before Hollywood studios, before LAX, before the Los Angeles Aqueduct, there was Bullock’s Department store. John Bullock & Percy Winnett open Bullock’s Department Store  on March 2nd, 1907.  Los Angeles’ store of choice for 75 years was located at Broadway & 4th.

Bullock’s served “the better customer” providing unparalleled customer service. Being successful from the start, Bullock’s grew through expansions in 1912, 1917 and 1919 to 460,000 square feet.  Not slowing down, they acquired 400,000 more sq. ft. between 1923 and 1928 through construction and acquisition. In 1928, Bullock’s Wilshire was opens, their second store.

In 1944, Bullock’s acquired San Fransisco’s upscale department store, I. Magnin. Bullocks itself was acquired by Federated in 1964, Macy’s in 1988 and finally, reacquired by Federated in 1996.  The Bullock’s nameplate was retired in 1996.

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