“A little help?”

We have all been there.  Walking by a playground, a college campus, a beach or schoolyard, when we hear the call’ “A little help?”

We all know how to respond.  We immediately search the area for an errant ball or frisbee that needs to be returned to the person asking for help.  Finding the lost item, we toss, throw flip or kick it back to the owner hopefully with some accuracy.

That’s it.  Our obligation is fulfilled according to social norms.  No one expects you to join their game, no one expects you to have fantastic skills in returning the item.  A simple “Thanks” and a “Your welcome” and we are done.

Why do I describe this phenomenon?  It would be nice to replicate this in our retail stores when the shopper is somewhere between “I can do this myself” and “I am utterly helpless here.”  It would be great for shoppers to be able to say “A little help?” and get just that little bit of service to get them through their visit.

It would also be nice for the associates.  They would be able to quickly find and help the easy customers allowing them to clear those “little help” shoppers from the aisles.  This would free up time for those that need considerably more help.

Just a thought.

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