More closures

from a recently closed Macy’s in PDX

There was some said news for retail brick & mortar the past week.

“RadioShack suddenly closed more than 1,000 stores — and now only a handful remain.”

RadioShack suddenly closed over 1000 stores over the weekend.

In its heyday, RadioShack was the place to go for replacement batteries, television antennas, electronics parts, HAM radios and electronic toys.  But like many of its no longer relevant products, the chain looks to be near the end of its 96 year run.

“At its peak, RadioShack had more than 7,300 locations across the US and boasted that it had a store within 3 miles of 95% of American consumers.” -Business Insider

“Payless Shoe Source to close more than 800 stores in total”

When Payless originally filed for Chapter 11 in April, they announced plans to close about 5400 locations.  The list of planned shuttered stores has now been expanded to over 800.


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