Klindt’s Bookstore

Serendipity brought me to the oldest bookstore in Oregon.  I had been on a trip to eastern Oregon and was traveling home along I-84 when I decided to stop in The Dalles to stretch my legs and to avoid hitting the Portland rush hour.

Walking along Second Street a noticed a sandwich board outside of a small bookseller proclaiming the store to be the Oldest Bookstore in Oregon!  Klindt’s is an amazing old school bookstore with creaky old floors, sturdy wooden shelves and all the categories of books needed to serve this river community.  The staff was friendly and helpful.

When I asked about the status of the store as the oldest in Oregon, the staff member (regretfully, I failed to get his name) proudly explained that it was also the 7th oldest in the US and he shared an article attesting to that fact.  He continued to share a bit about the history of the company and its owners.  He also took me outside to show me the high-water mark of the 1894 flood.

Unfortunately, I was pressed for time so my time in the store was short.  I planning on returning soon when I have more time.  Do not miss the chance to visit the store if you have the chance.


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