They still like stores


Marshall_Field_and_Co._Retail_Store,_Chicago_(60793)-2I was doing some reading today and ran across these findings from PWC from 2015 and thought I would share an excerpt and the link.

“According to the survey, only 27 percent of U.S. consumers say they shop online weekly. Reserving the strength of the traditional store, 68 percent of U.S. respondents say they have intentionally browsed products at a store but decided to purchase them online, while 73 percent say they have browsed products online but decided to purchase them in-store. Sixty-five percent of the respondents noted delivery fees as the reason for purchasing in-store, as well as having the item immediately (61 percent), and trying it on/seeing it (61 percent).”

from Physical Store Beats Online as Preferred Purchase Destination for U.S. Shoppers, According to PwC

The last line is critical.  Immediacy and the tactile experience are the key advantages of brick & mortar.

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