In retail history


From saving arms to increasing transaction size to marring car finishes, a new era of shopping convenience begins on June 4th,1937 with the introduction of the shopping cart.

On April 3rd, 1920, Sylvan Goldman and his brother Alfred, opened the first supermarket in the state of Oklahoma.  One evening in 1936, Sylvan began to wonder how he might get people to buy more items in his store.  He realized that many shoppers limited their purchases to what they could hold easily in the arms or carry in a small basket.  Looking aroundHe found a folding chair that he fastened two baskets to the seat and attached wheels to the legs.  He knew he was on to something.

Over the next few months, he worked with Fred Young and Arthur Kosted, area mechanics, to refine his invention.  Finally, on June 4th, 1937, he introduced the shopping cart at his Humpty-Dumpty Supermarket in Oklahoma City.

Along with a lucrative retail career, Sylvan also invented the airport baggage cart.

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